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Review - Club Whizz - A must have for golfers

30-10-2012 05:12

“A Simple But Fantastic Golf Product” Most golfers focus primarily on the state and function of the their golf equipment when approaching a round or practice session.  However, without our golf accessories, most avid golfers would really be lost because our golf accessories are absolutely essential to our performance, even though we may overlook their importance. recently tested The Club Whiz...


Review - Club Whizz - A new spin on golf club cleaning

06-10-2012 01:36

We're on a roll here at Aussie Golfer. Club Whizz is the second great Aussie golf product to cross our desk in a month. There are plenty of club cleaning products on the market and if you're on the right golf course they are provided for you, but few incorporate them so innovatively into your golf buggy as the Club Whizz. The Club Whizz fits onto the wheel of your golf buggy wheel and uses its rotation to...